Pilates for Moms

Lessons for mothers. Those who prepare to be one. Those in the process of pregnancy. And those who have just had a baby.

Individually tailored lessons, focused on each woman’s personal physical and emotional needs and possibilities, involve exercises of breathing, muscle stretching, strengthening, relaxing with a focus on corporal consciousness. Sessions based on Pilates Technique with a special focus on pelvic floor muscles of high importance during pregnancy, birth and post-partum, as well as during the whole life of a woman connected with her femininity.

Why it helps?

Practicing Pilates during pregnancy develops posture and movement consciousness and promotes a better connection with the proper body in a process of significant changes as well as with the developing body of the fetus. The lessons promote a support place where each pregnant woman can share her possible doubts and insecurities during a time slot dedicated to a verbal exchange of information about birth and pregnancy physiology.

In the post-partum period, Pilates, with its principle of Power House, offers efficient strengthening of abdominal muscles and of pelvic floor muscles, naturally weakened during pregnancy, and as such helping a woman restore her balance and perceive her body transform again.

What is special?

Classes are given by a mother of two with an experience of two well planned and succeeded home births and a doula with an original ‘pre-bierht-in’ project on birth preparation. They are teachings from a woman to a woman, without pretentiousness but with all the attentiveness needed to provide support and care to a woman in one of the most delicate and special periods of her life. Sessions are based on a belief in the power each woman has to create, receive and nurture her baby in a conscious and fulfilling way, once she is sensitized, re-connected, informed, heard and supported.

“The lessons offer a precious moment of personal care, integrating body, mind and soul against the fragmenting wave of the contemporary life.”