Audrey Hens – personal development manager:

Pregnant with my second child, I started Pilates with Monika, at 5 months of pregnancy. I had pain in the legs due to the appearance of gestational varices. Thanks to her expertise, I was able to quickly strengthen all my muscules which gave me a real relief in the legs, but also in my back and especially the lumbar back. In addition to the work of Pilates, Monika offered me a real psycho-corporal support to help me live well my childbirth and my pregnancy (helping me to detach from concerns related to everyday life). During our process, I made a confident and serene decision to give birth at home. Monika was there to prepare me to give birth and she was also there during my delivery, as a doula. The work that we had done together completely helped me to free myself on the Big Day and to live with confidence one of the most beautiful moments of my life. She is an excellent professional. You can fully trust her.

Carla Guilgliano Pedalino – entrepreneur:

I met Monika and her Pilates classes in Rio de Janeiro during my first pregnancy. My gynecologist recommended her to me, and she helped me a lot! More than a physical well-being, a mental relaxation in these moments of apprehension. After that, Monika also helped me in the preparation for my second childbirth. The pelvic exercises helped me 100% ate the time of the explusion, and during the recovery after the pregnancy! I highly recommend her to gain a better body consciousness.

Marilia Passos – writer:

Monika began the work by creating a slow time of her own so that the whims, desires and limitations of my body became exposed. First, she taught me how to breathe. That’s the beginning of everything, the beginning of life. Then she guided me to the center of my body, set in a much deeper place than I had imagined. She taught me that it is from there that everything expands. And from this center we drew a path, calmly, slowly, breathing. Suddenly, I saw my body with powers that it never had, I saw it expand, and seek new challenges. I looked in the mirror and said “This is my body!”. A proper, solid, aligned body. A body that, after months of working with Monika, I learned to listen to and, surprised, realized that it could do more than I had expected from it.

Maria Nauer – doctor:

I had Pilates-lessons with Monika during 8 years and was very sad when she left Brazil.  She was my favorite teacher. I certainly wouldn’t have stayed with her all that time, if she were not an excellent professional. I had started with one lesson per week, than increased to two, and finally to three. With three lessons per week I had the impression of doing Pilates every day, because it was impossible not to remember the pose and the feeling for the whole body.

Leila Daher – oftamologist:

I’ve always been sedentary. Everything changed when I met Monika with her Pilates lessons! I had tried several types of exercises before but I could never continue for longer than a month! Well, I stayed with Monika for three years and I stopped only because she moved to France! Effective exercises and careful supervision! I feel like an orphan! Nothing compares to Pilates taught by Monika!

Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso -composer, flautist, university professor:

Doing Pilates with Monika has transformed my relationship with my body by toning the muscles, correcting posture and increasing flexibility. All this has had positive consequences for my physical and mental well-being, giving me more disposition for the day-to-day tasks and for my professional activities.

Anik Polo – photographer:

My individual lessons with Monika in Rio were a real discovery. Monika is very attentive and passionate and I had very fast impressive results. The course was perfectly adapted to my needs and always carried out pleasantly in an atmosphere full of warmth and kindness typical of the Brazilians. Thank you Monika.

Beth Fisher – interior designer:

Monika is the teacher I’ve always wanted to find so that I can feel my body. Someone who knows all about the joints, very dedicated and paying attention to all little details. After a few lessons, I regained the assurance of walking better, began keeping myself upright and felt my body at ease with the exercises. Because of her classes, I also recovered the sense of balance. I felt reassured!

Ana Carolina Couri- lawyer:

Monika, you deserve a chapter in the book of my life. Because there is no body without a soul. With you you I began to notice tense tips of my toes, teeth that grit unintentionally and my short breath. Thank you for allowing me to see the vital, to connect with myself and live in a fuller, true and happy way! I wish all the best in the world for you and I know you will get it  because you are the best teacher I have ever met.

Thais Pegoraro – coach, high mountain climber, the woman of 7 summits

Monika, intense, soft, light and present. A decisive step for Zeca’s, my son’s, time to be fully expected. I still remember the first class. “Breathe, effortlessly, open space, feel your perineum.” “No force?” “No force.” How was it possible to indoctrinate a body that for years had done nothing more than force, to slow down, without making force. To feel, without making force. To breathe, without making force. Opening spaces, without force. To be stronger, without making force. Pregnancy was a huge challenge for me – to see my body change every day, lose tone, lose muscle, lose mass and gain “strength”. The feminine force, the subtle force, the force that is not muscular, but sensitive, powerful, deep and essential to transform life completely. To receive Zeca. Monika taught me how to be female. Finding strength for the pregnancy, the one without romanticism, but not with less love. Monika taught me how to wait. Not the time of others, but time for the other. Monika taught me to feel, to feel fully in the present, without false expectations for the future. Monika taught me what I needed to know so I could give birth. Centering. Safety. Presence. Calm. Breath. With all the emotion the present moment called for. It was months of Pilates, which were more than lessons of physical exercise. They were shared teachings from woman to woman, knowledge exchanged, confidence and trust. They closed the door of the fantasy of pregnancy, and opened the door of the real maternity, physical, with imperfections, and therefore more beautiful. With all this work done, I was able to live my pregnancy as a deep process of self knowledge and to give birth as a catharsis. One Thais left. The other one, still a stranger to me, comes slowly. And I’m not in a hurry. Monika taught me that.

Pedro Albernaz – lawyer:

I did Pilates lessons with Monika for a year and a half, mainly to treat the back pain I had. Monika is a great and very competent teacher. She knows how to explain the exercises very well and always verifies their execution, correcting when necessary and being very attentive to the students.

Eliana Albernaz – pedagogue and President of the Association of the State Nurseries in Rio de Janeiro: 

I met my dear teacher Monika through my son and my husband who were her students. They always spoke well of their classes in terms of physical improvement and pleasure in participating in the exercises. I then decided to take part in the classes and there really was a physical progress in relation to strength and balance. The classes are pleasant and at the same time demanding. Accompanied by Monika’s close attention. We are sorry she changed countries since we know how difficult it is to find a teacher as efficient and friendly as she is.