Body Awareness with Pilates

Sessions for general public that promote the development of self-perception and body awareness through Pilates Method.

Single and Duo Classes on equipment and with accessories or Small Group Classes with accessories.

Respecting each person as individual and subjective, the sessions propose mindfully chosen sequences of Pilates exercises with the pillar principles of breath, power house, alignment, concentration and relaxation. Each session promotes strengthening muscle tone, improving flexibility, increasing joint mobility and correcting the postural habits with a constant invitation to reconnect and feel oneself. It also proposes sensory and proprioceptive work from a vast range of different body techniques, all of which leads to higher body awareness.

Why it helps?

Pilates is truly a body trasforming method, when given and done in an adequate manner to make sure that all the essential details are passed and preserved, as such making the Pilates experience rich and potent. Practicing Pilates requires a lot of attentiveness, concentration and self-connection from both the teacher and the student. It’s a subtle ‘dance’ where small perceptions and small moves and touches make all the difference. That’s why classess are given in a small format –  single, duo or in small groups to provide an excellent environment for the principles of the method as well as for a truly personal therapeutic care.

What is special?

The focus on body awareness potentiates any body work results as it gives palpable reference and promotes self-observation during day-to-day activities and as such gives the possibility to choose better alignment and create new body habits independently of the therapist’s eye and correction. Taking responsibility of one’s own process is a self-growth project as well as a decisive step on the path towards good health and well being.

“An aware body feels itself and perceives itself while performing movements, It respects itself knowing when to go for more and when to take a restful break and a deep, relaxing breath. An aware body is intelligent and reconnected, capable of reflection and regeneration.”