monika pietrusewicz

Monika is a teacher, a dancer, a body therapist, a doula and a mother of two.

Native of Poland and with over 10 years of experience teaching English at all levels and to all ages, Monika studied contemporary dance and body therapies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she lived for almost 15 years. Back in Rio she started to work with Pilates Method in 2009, specialized in Pilates for pregnant and post-partum women, took a doula course and finally opened her own studio in 2014 in Rio. In 2018, following her partner, Monika moved to France where she started by supporting individual clients. Her classes focus on the development of body awareness using Pilates method. Lessons with Monika, given in a postitive and warm manner, provide a moment of personal care, integrating body, mind and soul against the fragmenting wave of the contemporary life.

Monika graduated as a Master of English Linguistics before leaving Poland to discover new lands and possibilities. A short stop in London took her to choose Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as her home where, teaching English, she discovered new passions: dance and body therapies. Since 2003 she has been studying and transforming her profession.

In 2008 Monika graduated as a dancer from Faculdade Angel Vianna (FAV) in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2009 she has studied and worked with Pilates Method, first at Mariana Lobato Pilates studio, where she trained, and finally at her own Pilates studio opened in 2014. Apart from Pilates, Monika studied and practiced various body techniques such as Klaus Vianna Method, Laban Method, Eutony, Anti-Gymnastics, Fasciatherapy, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais and Alexander Methods, all of which constantly influence her work. She deepened her studies about the body, its anatomy and biomechanics, its subjectivity and uniqueness, attending a Post-Graduate Course in ‘Therapy Through Movement’, also at FAV. Her final project ‘pre-birth-ing’ on birth preparation expanded her professional path and since 2013 she has also been working with pregnant women, successfully guiding their bodies and minds during pregnancy and preparing for an easier birth. Also that year, she graduated as a Dona International doula and co-founded MaterNatural – a group of support for pregnant women and mothers, which held regular monthly meetings for a period of two years.

Since 2014, in her own studio in Rio de Janeiro Monika offered thriving private single and duo Pilates sessions for general public and for pregnant and post-partum women. That year she also had her first baby.

Year 2018 brought new challenges with a move to France, Paris: a new language, a new culture and a new baby. Monika started by giving private lessons based on Pilates method for general public and her original ‘pre-birth-ing’ classes for pregnant women.